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Getting closer …

2015-12-22 14.20.07

At my printer today: Because of the French fold aka Japanese binding I had to assemble the folded pages for „Tobiko“ manually. No idea how the big publishing houses do this.

Pelikan 2

Gabriele Harhoff – Pelikan 2 from Gabriele Harhoff on Vimeo.

I finally managed to re-edit and re-sequence my next Pelikan book dummy. It is now „Pelikan 2“ instead of „Pelikan 3“ – I feel that the original Pelikan 2 series is not consistent enough to be made into a book. In this version I changed the title image and font, kicked out two images and replaced them with new ones and subsequently made a completely new sequence. What do you think?


Super happy that my book dummy „Tobiko“ is among the 48 shortlisted books for this year’s Fotobookfestival and will be exhibited at international photo events in Athens, Cologne, Dublin, Madrid, Milano, Oslo, Paris, Rome, Paraty and Sao Paulo! More info here:

A big thank you once more to Markus Schaden and Wolfgang Zurborn for editing help and advice!

Gabriele Harhoff – Tobiko update from Gabriele Harhoff on Vimeo.


Gabriele Harhoff – Pelikan.3 Dummy from Gabriele Harhoff on Vimeo.

The first dummy for „Pelikan.3“, a follow up on my self-published book „Pelikan“, consisting of images made during a third journey from Bangkok, Thailand, to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in February/March 2014. There is no Pelikan.2 book allthough there is a series, somehow it didn’t feel right to me because the images in this series are taken from different journeys instead of a single one. The special folding structure of this dummy is the same as for „Pelikan“, the book folds out to a tryptich and has no fixed sequence, allowing the viewer to create his or her own.