I finished the rough edit of my Korea pictures in Lightroom (I only give 2 stars max at this stage) and printed a stack of about 60 A5-sized workprints. It’s funny how an image can change once you see it as a physical object rather than on the screen – some miraculously turn into an immediate winner, while others just go down. Then I divided them into two stacks – As and Bs. I go through the stacks at least twice a day. First thing in the morning works best for me when you react intuitively and don’t cling so much to your babies. Each day more pictures go from the A to the B stack, only sometimes a B makes it back to A. At the same time I am looking for an entry point and a finishing point for the series, so far I have several candidates for both.
Maybe this time around I have enough material for a small POD (print on demand) book.