Monthly archives of “November 2012

Tom Wood

“I think of a photograph as a receiver of sensations. Sensations are intangible. I try to organise them through the act of photography.” Tom Wood (via wayneford)

Tomorrow: Off to New York, then on to Austin.


Done with stitching! Today I brought the booklets back to the printer for trimming, next the bookbinder will join the two parts so there will be 100 copies of “Pelikan”. I have to pay the bookbinder by the hour so I cannot yet announce a final price. When I return from Texas on December 21 everything should be ready to be signed, numbered and shipped, so stay tuned.


Sore fingers this weekend – hand stitching 200 booklets for my upcoming “Pelikan” publication. I am doing roughly 20 copies per hour, about 60 left to go.


Folding tonight … in the picture it doesn’t appear to be such a lot but it took me almost three hours (with some much needed breaks to stretch my back).

4 more pictures from Japan

I am busy with the final stages of the production of my upcoming “Pelikan”-booklet and also with preparing for our travel to Texas next week, so I am not making much progress with the edit of my pictures from Japan. Still don’t really have a grasp on this work, but here a four images that I like.

Final test

Assembling some test copies of my upcoming self-published “Pelikan”-booklet – didn’t expect stitching 250 gsm paper to be that hard!

Todd Hido

“To me it is no mystery that we can only photograph effectively what we are truly interested in or – maybe more importantly – are grappling with. Often unconsciously. Otherwise the photographs are merely about an idea or a concept – that stuff eventually falls flat for me – there must be something more, some emotional hook for it to really work for me”.
Todd Hido interviewed by Darius Himes