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  • Pelikan in Auckland

    Thank you so much Harvey Benge for featuring “Pelikan” today on his blog, together with great books by my friends Bruno and Filipe, and also by Matej Sitar and Thomas Bonfert.

    Once again, here’s the video:

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    I still have some remaining copies, if you’re interested email me at g.harhoff(at)gmail.com

    Tom Wood

    “I think of a photograph as a receiver of sensations. Sensations are intangible. I try to organise them through the act of photography.” Tom Wood (via wayneford)

    Tomorrow: Off to New York, then on to Austin.

    Todd Hido

    “To me it is no mystery that we can only photograph effectively what we are truly interested in or – maybe more importantly – are grappling with. Often unconsciously. Otherwise the photographs are merely about an idea or a concept – that stuff eventually falls flat for me – there must be something more, some emotional hook for it to really work for me”.
    Todd Hido interviewed by Darius Himes