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Super happy that my book dummy “Tobiko” is among the 48 shortlisted books for this year’s Fotobookfestival and will be exhibited at international photo events in Athens, Cologne, Dublin, Madrid, Milano, Oslo, Paris, Rome, Paraty and Sao Paulo! More info here:

A big thank you once more to Markus Schaden and Wolfgang Zurborn for editing help and advice!

Gabriele Harhoff – Tobiko update from Gabriele Harhoff on Vimeo.

At the Open Sky 2.0 Exhibition in 3331 Chiyoda



This is one image that I overlooked during my first edit.

PS: I wanted to show more today, but I am experiencing uploading problems.



I was down with the flu for all of last week, now I started to finally edit my pictures from last year’s Japan trip. This is one that I somehow like, though it will probably not make the final cut.

4 more pictures from Japan

I am busy with the final stages of the production of my upcoming “Pelikan”-booklet and also with preparing for our travel to Texas next week, so I am not making much progress with the edit of my pictures from Japan. Still don’t really have a grasp on this work, but here a four images that I like.