How do you edit your work?

„I deconstruct them in different ways. I deconstruct them as a whole and I deconstruct them as parts. Imagine you have three variations of one picture. Sometimes, the first thing I do is that I look at them upside-down. And if it looks balanced, it seems to work. So in a way you look at pictures on an abstract level. I have four or five variations turned upside-down and at that point I can already tell which one works best. Sometimes you have two or even three left. Then you deconstruct them on a personal level. You think: “Well, this one bothers me!” or “this one annoys me!” because one person draws too much attention and then I skip this one out. And finally one is left. So it is a kind of two-ways-decomposing – on a total abstract level and on a personal, concrete level.“

Raimond Wouda, go to Rocketscience for the full interview by Andreas Till.