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More Winterhude

There are days when I think I can’t find another image in my immediate neighborhood. But then the light changes, my mood changes … whatever … and new images materialize (the bottom one could do with a bit more depth of field though).

The Sonic Blog

Big thanks to Peter Feldhaus for featuring my series “Pelikan” from Thailand and Malaysia on his influential Sonic Blog today! A very nice bonus is that Sonicsites is among the live feeds on The Photography Post, so I get visitors from all over the world today!
Peter writes: “Gabriele Harhoff’s Asian travel notes are spontaneous and light-footed without falling into arbitrariness.”


“The best advice I could possibly give you, and forgive me if this seems glib, is to work. Work. Work. Work. Every day. At the same time every day. For as long as you can take it every day, work, work, work. Understand? Talent is for shit. I’ve taught school for nearly thirty years and never met a student who did not have some talent. It is as common as house dust or kudzu vine in Alabama and is just about as valuable. Nothing is as valuable as the habit of work, and work has to become a habit.” Barry Moser
(via LPV magazine)