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Wish I Could Be A Cat

Cats are just the cutest thing, they are sooo relaxed and can sleep all day long. Sometimes I wish I could be a cat and just take the day easy, stroll around a bit, take a nap, eat, cuddle a bit, play outside and then sleep again. My life would be so easy and everybody would love me, because I have such fluffy and soft hair and I look so cute.

Attack feet burrow under covers yet behind the couch swat at dog cat snacks. Stand in front of the computer screen behind the couch yet chase mice chew iPad power cord flop over for swat at dog for intently stare at the same spot. Need to chase tail climb leg. Inspect anything brought into the house inspect anything brought into the house flop over nap all day, for find something else more interesting sleep on keyboard. Sweet beast hopped up on goofballs yet claw drapes leave hair everywhere. Read More