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Wish I Could Be A Cat

Cats are just the cutest thing, they are sooo relaxed and can sleep all day long. Sometimes I wish I could be a cat and just take the day easy, stroll around a bit, take a nap, eat, cuddle a bit, play outside and then sleep again. My life would be so easy and everybody would love me, because I have such fluffy and soft hair and I look so cute.

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A Dreamy Day in Socks

Sometimes I just love to stay home on the weekends and have a quiet relaxed day. I love to drink some tea or coffee and sit in the sunshine reading a book. Then I don’t care about all the hustle bustle outside in the streets and I just enjoy a relaxing time.

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Our Favorite Café in Osaka

Time for Ice Coffee

I always try to drink tea because I know it’s more healthy, but sometimes I just can’t resist to enjoy a coffee or ice coffee. I love soy latte or even a pure black ice coffee without milk but with a waarm toast and jam instead. Sometimes the simple little things in life are the best. For instance just sitting in a café not thinking of much and drinking a cup of tea and coffee.

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