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  • Dummy Award 2012

    The winning book “Passengers” of this year’s dummy award has now been published. During a 4 month stay in wintery Poland photographers Dagmar Keller and Martin Wittwer (congratulations to both!) discovered a bus station where passengers where waiting for numerous regional busses. See the whole book HERE.

    Two from yesterday

    I noticed that I tend to photograph more plants lately, while construction does not interest me that much any more. But yesterday I made a construction picture and a plant picture within a few metres.

    Back from Paris

    I’m back from this year’s International Fotobook Festival in Paris. I did not win one of the prizes for my book dummy, but I did not expect to do so. I am just very very happy that my dummy was nominated for the shortlist, and that I was allowed to show it in Paris. This was my first time at the festival, and I am glad I went. For me one of the highlights was Tood Hido’s talk about his influences, his process and his forthcoming new book.

    Here are some pictures I took while in Paris:


    My bookwork from the Pelikan series has been selected for the shortlist of the Dummy Award of this year’s International Fotobookfestival to be shown at Le Bal in Paris from April 20 till 22.
    You can preview the book in this short video:

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