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  • Paintbox No. 2

    New gallery online: Paintbox No. 2. A few images from a recent trip to South East Asia, basically the same as for Pelikan, starting in Bangkok and ending up in Kuala Lumpur, but with a little diversion here and there, e.g. a detour to Borneo. I do have some more images that I like, only I didn’t find a way to add them without breaking up the sequence – like this one:


    Pelikan in Auckland

    Thank you so much Harvey Benge for featuring “Pelikan” today on his blog, together with great books by my friends Bruno and Filipe, and also by Matej Sitar and Thomas Bonfert.

    Once again, here’s the video:

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    I still have some remaining copies, if you’re interested email me at g.harhoff(at)gmail.com