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  • Seoul Day 6

    Nothing but rain – the wettest day so far!

    Lunch with raw squid (the big plate) and soup with tofu and Doen Jang (soybean paste). The milky stuff in the bowl is Makkeoli – young rice wine (sorry for the crappy composition).

    Later on more rain

    Man with yellow umbrella

    Staircase at Namdaemun Market

    Seoul day 5

    First day without rain!

    Dyed dog at the electronics market

    Old man waiting for the bus



    Joen – battered and deep fried tofu and scallion pancake with seafood

    Tomorrow: 90% chance of rain

    Seoul Day 3

    Another rainy day…

    People here like to drink Soju (a wodka-like liquor, says my guide-book)…

    Seoul, Korea, Soju

    …they pile things up neatly in small spaces…

    …no idea what this is…

    …and the younger ones are tied to their phones…