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Falckenberg collection

This image was taken right outside the Falckenberg collection which is housed in an old rubber factory building. We went to see the Wim Wenders show and I must admit I was a bit underwhelmed. I really liked some of the images, but it was not the most exciting show I have seen lately. Perhaps too much gigantomania for my taste. Expertly crafted supersized prints by Grieger do not turn a well composed photo into a fascinating one.

Dummy Award 2012

The winning book „Passengers“ of this year’s dummy award has now been published. During a 4 month stay in wintery Poland photographers Dagmar Keller and Martin Wittwer (congratulations to both!) discovered a bus station where passengers where waiting for numerous regional busses. See the whole book HERE.

Barbara Crane

Recently I got a bit tired of street photography, simply because I feel there is so much repetition as opposed to bold and exciting stuff. So I was delighted to discover the street work of Barbara Crane. In the early 80s she photographed Chicago street festivals with a 4×5 Super Graphic, a Polaroid back and off camera flash, getting really close to her subjects and cropping her shots very tightly.

From the forword of Crane’s resulting book „Private Views“, published by Aperture:

„Her stated goal as a photographer is to ‚attempt to eradicate previous habits of seeing and thinking … to keep searching for what is visually new while always hoping that a fusion of form and content will take place‘.“

You can get a copy of „Private Views“ for a mere € 16 here.