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Teluk Nipah, Pulau Pangkor

Teluk Nipah is a small place on Pangkor Island consisting of a handfull of guest houses, some foodstalls, souvenir shops and three minimarts. Internet access is erratic. We’re slowly recovering from our cold, tomorrow we’re going back to KL.

Night market, Ipoh

We’re on Pulau Pangkor, a small relaxed island off the West coast. Ever since we arrived we have done nothing but cough, sleep, cough, cough, sleep, and cough again. So no pictures from Pangkor yet. I believe I have never coughed as much in my whole life. Hopefully things will be getting better in the next few days.

More on photobook making

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Joerg Colberg published a piece on photobook making on Conscientious extended, starting off with this essential thought:

“Most photographers spend literally thousands of dollars on their work – expensive cameras and materials. Add to that the countless hours that go into producing the images (taking them, processing them, etc.). When making a book is there any reason for doing it cheaply and quickly? What would be the point of that? If the photographs are the result of a long, arduous process, the end result should reflect that. You (literally) owe it to yourself (and not just the people who, you hope, will buy your book). Imagine taking a cheaply and quickly made book out of your bookshelf years later: Is that really how you would want to remember all the hard work?”

Read the whole article HERE.

Shanghai Hotel, Ipoh

Ipoh is the third biggest town in Malaysia which hardly gets to see any tourists but is famous for its good coffee and food, especially “tauge ayam” – chicken with beansprouts. The Shanghai Hotel – though a bit run down – has a great location, a very friendly and helpful owner and some great architecture. But I still haven’t been able to make a really successful picture of the staircase.

Kuching cars

Normally I am not a car buff at all, but over here they seem to attract me.
Tomorrow we’ll fly back to the mainland. No idea when we’ll have internet access again.

More Kuching

Last night they had a big parade celebrating the anniversary of a famous taoist temple here in Kuching. I tried to photograph the dragon dancers, but this detail of one of the decorated trucks is the only image I like.

Breakfast! Laksa at Choon Hui Cafe (that’s a Kalimansi lime at the bottom).